Know How Your Various Frequencies Work w Your Notch Settings



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Posted on July 6, 2021 @ 12:44 PM

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Excellent video Aaron thank you so much for posting it.  I just want to remind everyone why I would use a high positive discrimination. Sometimes I hunt at sites that have a very large amount of iron of all sizes but the small stuff in a couple of fields I’ve been hunting is causing quite a bit of iron wraparound noise.  This iron wraparound discrimination helps me find those non-ferrous targets masked by iron by quieting down the machine. It’s been working well for me with the Tarsacci especially with it’s ability to “see through” difficult conditions but, just beware of what frequency you use in conjunction with with the high positive wraparound settings as Aaron explained.   You don’t want to loose big silver.  I wish our friends using the Tarsacci in the UK would try this in there ancient iron riddled sites and share the results.  😁