Salinity sweet spots

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Posted on October 19, 2020 @ 4:14 AM

Hi Guys, 

I have nearly 20 hours under my belt with the Tarsacci and must say the more I use it the more it seems draw me in with its simple yet very effective set up. 

I played about with a number of settings and frequencies over the weekend and although nothing of much interest was found I did dig over 250 non ferrous targets over the course of the two sessions we had this weekend. 

I ran my salinity at 41 in 18khz and did notice that the machine seemed more settled. I did notice that the target sizes increased slightly from when I ran my salinity at 25 in 18khz last weekend. Is this coincidence or is there anything in this? I still dug some fairly small pieces but compared to last weekend the targets seemed to be slightly bigger in general.

I used 9khz and 12khz for a while too and still managed some fairly small pieces in both, however I was unsure of where the sweet spot is for these lower frequencies are as general rule of thumb? I ran both with the Salinity set at 31 and they both seemed okay. I also noticed that 9khz behaved a lot better in the iron than 12khz? I know from Dave H's videos on un maksing with 9khz that it seems to do very well in the iron.....

I was searching the same field as last weekend that was stubble and has now been pressed and drilled. My partner was using her Deus and with HF coil at 15 kHz and she's ran absolute circles round me on the finds front, but I'm not sure whether that's just fluke or because the Deus is renown to perform well in slightly airiated soil?

My settings were, 

Disc mode 

Disc - 25 

Sens 6-7

9, 12 & 18khz

Salinity 41 @18khz and 31 @9&12khz

Trh - 4

GB came in slightly lower at 675 ish as opposed to last week around 700 when the field was in stubble.

Any feedback greatly appreciated 


Many Thanks 





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Posted on October 19, 2020 @ 8:34 PM

I have basically found the same regarding salinity settings on 18, 12 & 9 kHz, they all work between 41-45 salinity really well.

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Posted on October 20, 2020 @ 5:35 AM

Thanks for the feedback Aaron. 


Many Thanks 




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Posted on October 20, 2020 @ 6:01 PM

Salinity Sweet Spots,,, great question!

Here's my take on this one:

Here in the U.K., Coke Rock is completely eliminated at a SB setting of around 25/26, thus making it completely invisible,, and yet user can still detect targets around the same ID as the Coke,, incredible/unique technology,,,,,, also I've found around the setting of 25 appears to eliminate ground feedback i.e. from ground minerals here also,...... so,,,, 25 SB possibly is the SWEET SPOT,? ((UK))

Iain, your GB came in around 675,, I would say that your field was on the mild side of mineralisation, ( the vast majority of mine are around 890/950)!,,,,, so perhaps a lower SB may have been a advantage? ,,, I'm only using a high SB at present in high / dense iron, but I reckon a setting of 25 to knock out the Coke rock/ ground minerals  would be perfectly acceptable in the field you were searching.

Im quite curious if you compared any targets (before you dug),,,, with your partner using the Deus,,,?.. as I've been out with a mate , he's been a Deus user for over 5 years now, and I found very little between the two machines,, (apart from highly mineralisation) whilst comparing un-dug targets,, However Tarsacci, I believe has the advantage of being able to ID large Iron better than Deus!..... also lets not forget Deus is using a 9" round  Coil,,,, Tarsacci 11x8.5... that may explain why the Deus did so well, if your site was Iron infested perhaps?....... (SO MUCH LOOKING FORWARD TO THE SMALLER COIL FOR THE TARSACCI))....A complete game changer in my opinion!!!

Again another Great report Iain!,, looking forward to hearing about your next search!






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Posted on October 30, 2020 @ 6:28 AM

Hi Dave, 

Thanks for the feedback and some very interesting points. Unfortunately I've not been back out since due to a combination of bad weather and life just generally getting in the way, but hope to get back out again soon. 

I always appreciate your feedback being a fellow UK detectorist. 

Many Thanks




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Posted on October 30, 2020 @ 8:21 PM

PhotosIain, your welcome.

Yeah, the weather has been terrible down this way recently, 

However I did manage a couple of  hours today.... a field I've not been on for ages,, as a result of "green waste " deposited by the farmer, making it horrible to search,, mostly loads of tin foil, and very small chewed up non ferrous items.

However,,,, using the Tarsacci with its Salinity Balance, I thought it was well worth another visit.

I set the MDT up slightly different, idea being to try and eliminate as much of the green waste as possible, really pleased with  the results,, there was plenty of foil bits visible lying on top the ground, with the high SB settings NO SIGNAL!! fantastic....

Best finds in photo, gorgeous silver Roman Siliqua, part of a Roman Brooch, small hanging horse pendent, and a strange ring type object with loads of sharp pins inside??,,,, plus about 10 grotto Roman coins,,, Tarsacci worked a dream,, but very TAMED DOWN,, this was the secret for today's success I believe,,,,,,, the high Salinity Balance setting was incredible!! 

Heres my settings:

Disc. -30

Threshold. -8

Sens. 5

Tone. Mixed

GB. (Actual auto reading) .. 920

Freq. 12khz

Salt B. 48

Blk Sand . Off

Volume. 14





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Posted on October 31, 2020 @ 2:41 AM

Hello Dave, 

Excellent going mate and 10/10 for patience with green waste! Bloody horrible stuff isn't it.

Some good finds there and you've kind of answered a question I had stored for some point too. We lost one of our best sites to green waste so reading this has kind of given me a bit of hope. 

Thanks for sharing 




Keith Southern


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Posted on December 25, 2020 @ 7:21 PM

Mixed tone is where its at relic hunting for raw feel. but get used to the machine first.

Have you ran with salt off?Even off its still on if that makes sense?

I also find the Freq's arent like we think they are in VLF terms.There more how should I say timings to a degree in pulse terms.

Was the Deus outdoing you on all types targets or was it round targets small?





Iain uk_history_uncovered

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Posted on December 26, 2020 @ 3:28 AM

Hello Keith, 

Some interesting points raised there thanks for sharing. I've not been out for a while due to this Covid-19 restrictions and poor weather but can't wait to get back out over the new year. 

The Deus beat me hands down that day on a variety of targets, the only thing I can think of that might of influenced that is light fluffy airiated soil maybe? The Deus is renowned for working very well under these conditions isn't it.

I've not tried salt completely off, is it still kind of working in the background when not switched on? Does it still cut through the mineralisation pretty well with it off? I'm still a novice with the Tarsacci so any information and feedback from you seasoned users is greatly appreciated.

I did experiment a bit more the last time I did use it and must say I love the punch you get from mixed mode audio compared to the soft chimes of disc mode. I'm not sure how well mixed would work on a busy condensed iron site? Do you run it fully open at - 30 disc? 

I love the Tarsacci as its like nothing I've ever used before Keith. I've noticed that it's one of the only machines you use now too? I've followed a few of your videos on a number of different machines from F75's to Deeptechs so to put your faith in the Tarsacci certainly gives me confidence in its abilities.

Any feedback is greatly appreciated and I must say that everyone on here has been very helpful and given me no end of feedback and help with the Tarsacci through direct replies and through videos and posts available with findings and knowledge shared including Dave, Aaron and yourself.


Many Thanks