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Posted on July 13, 2021 @ 3:05 PM

This is my honest review of the Tarsacci MDT 8000

I don’t want to write paragraphs of endless words that gets too daunting to read.   Instead I will summarize some points and list the Pros and Cons regarding this MD.   I’ve been using mine on the most difficult sites I can find with ground balance conditions ranging from 550 to 810.   It seems to separate and find DEEP non-ferrous targets better than my go to machines (Deus and Nox) in ferrous littered colonial sites AND at what I call Iron beach (a brackish water rocky/sand beach).    “Iron Beach” is hunted out…. LMAO…. So, I thought.   I’ve personally been hunting it for 8 Years and so have other detectorists.  I have used 4 other machines and various coil sizes on this beach prior to using the Tarsacci.   It’s only a approx. 40 - 60-yard beach (see some of my posts).   I still go back when I can when the tide is low and pull out many coins and medals, also found my first gold ring with the Trasacci at Iron Beach.   

On the farms and woods, I have recovered many colonial coins and artifacts using it in some of the most ferrous littered areas to my astonishment.   Areas I’ve been over with the other machines, the Tarsacci has a “see through” capability picking out the non-ferrous targets the others could not see.

The Tarsacci has been an incredible tool, different than my beloved XP Deus (sold my Nox).   I have yet to use it at a Saltwater beach which will be happening next week.   I will add to my review after that trip.


  • See through technology in difficult ground conditions and ferrous littered sites.
  • Great separation especially with that 12” Beast coil….  It just doesn’t seem possible, but it does!
  • Easy control layout! No hidden menus
  • Salinity Balance is a fantastic feature
  • Black Sand when on in area of high EMI quiets MD better than any detector I’ve owned
  • Great separation even with 12” coil
  • Strong build, All carbon fiber, last forever
  • Three sound modes All Metal, Mixed, Disc
  • Excellent discrimination
  • Did I say DEEEEEEEEP
  • Four operating frequency’s that accompany the “mixed domain” technology

Cons: (and suggested improvements)

  • Bell tones in disc and Mix mode frequencies are too high, not good for people who don’t hear well. Tested with a spectrum analyzer high tone is approx. 1800HZ, Mid-tone is 1200HZ, Low tone (iron) is 950HZ.      I suggest lowing frequencies for easier hearing. Maybe High 900HZ, Mid 600HZ, Low (iron) 150HZ.   ADD a fourth tone mode like full tones !
  • Pinpoint feature does not latch, must keep button depressed when using.
  • Coil ears are set back from the center which throughs off balance, should move ears to center of the coil.
  • No port for software updates
  • No reactivity/recovery adjustment
  • VDI number? Why -30 to – 1 for ferrous?  Only 0 to 30 for non-ferrous……    This is maybe where a software USB port would help… add more VDI numbers to the Non-ferrous spectrum.


In conclusion Dimatar’s Tarsacci and the patented “mixed domain” is an amazing technology and I will always keep a Tarsacci in my metal detecting toolbox.   This first generation is fantastic, but I believe it can stand beyond any other metal detector with my suggested software improvements if in fact it’s possible to change the software.  It has the potential to be the number one selling detector on the market with some added software features and a USB port for software updates for future improvements.  The software USB port is now an industry standard and should not be overlooked. Let’s face it, this detector is not cheap and other professional machines costing less include a USB port.   I totally recommend this machine as is giving it 4 of 5 stars.         More to come!

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Posted on July 13, 2021 @ 9:15 PM

Very nice review Andy, thank you!

IRT to the -1 to -30 disc. I had just explained this today in a recent post. 
The negative disc numbers do serve the purpose of discriminating the amount and or size of iron your dealing with. It seems in my discussions with Keith Southern and Greg Moscini (Transbay Detectors), -15 seems to be the “sweet spot” for a lot of TARSACCI operators and -30 would be a extreme example where the iron tone would be pretty excessive and small co-located targets could be missed. -30 disc as Keith says “would be for the advanced user”. 

The Tarsacci is certainly not perfect, and like all man made products does have room for improvement. However as you have proven, it certainly has its very unique qualities that certainly puts it in a class all by itself and….ahead of the competition!

HH! Aaron



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Posted on July 21, 2021 @ 10:42 PM

I agree, although not Perfect, as one size does not fit all... it is as close to the Magic Bullet in terms of Performance and Discrimination characteristics as can be.   Still, its feedback like this from the  Dude that keeps on Digging, that will cause 'The Meter Man' to keep on the course of Perfection.   There are things that Di-Mi-Tar man can do as its already Locked Into the Software Design:

1. X-Y Screen as in XP Deus or Polar Plot as in Spectra V3i by White's Electronics.   Useful in Identifying Iron.

2. Averaging the Numbers and Final Read Out.... which was BEST done in the Teknetics 8500 Series and Improved by adjustability in the White's XLT

3. Tones... I agree, lower is easier to comprehend.   Although I  have no issue with differentiating the Three Tones in the Mixed and Disc Mode.   The smoothest most pleasant tone was in two detectors..... Jimmy Sierra's 4900 SP3 and Fishers 550.  I'd like to see a Tone for the Zinc Penny area.

4. Agreed, PIN POINT Mode is NON-Motion super-charged all metal and because it is non-motion, thereby the Deepest.   Like many of the White's Detectors, they enabled you to lock in that mode without having to continually press it.

5. A Small Coil for greater trash/treasure isolation and gold nugget hunting.    The MDT 8000 is best at ignoring Large and Small Hot Rocks, Cold Rocks and Dealing with Serpentine, Basalt, Alkaline Mineral Concentrations that sound like gold nuggets that would fool us electronic prospectors at Winnemucca and Rye Patch into chasing after a nugget only to find out it was a mineral signal which we couldn't balance out.    

6.  I consider the XP ergonomically the best balance detector in a pole mount configuration.   I noticed that the stems connect in similar fashion to the MDT 8000.  I still like the cross-hair configuration which aids me into precise pin pointing vs the Nox which I've used.   Its a matter of preference.   Kind of like a hand gun.   I had to choose between a Glock 4" an an H&K.    The H&K felt better in my hand.   Everybody's hands are different.   A Strong and Large Hand will give you a big advantage in Arm Wrestling.   Denis Cyplenkov "The Ukrainian Hulk" (stats, records) ( would probably favor MDT 8000's set up


7.  For those that are using the Tarsacci MDT 8000, we would love to hear from you with regards of Improvements like a Software Update Port.