More coins at iron beach

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Posted on June 6, 2021 @ 7:40 PM

Iron beach will now be how Refer to the area I’ve been hunting that you’ve seen previous posts with the older corroded clad and silver coins. Managed to get another 13 coins out of this area. Tarsacci is really picking out the good targets amongst the crap iron. Even managed a silver quarter.



'All Detectors are NOT Created Equal'
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Posted on June 20, 2021 @ 11:03 AM

DUDE... way to go.   My philosophy learned by the older 100 KHz TRs which did not have the depth of todays detectors but that 100 KHz was a Natural Discriminator.   When you went over a typical Ferrous Target like a Small Nail, at 100 KHz, there was a NULL in the Threshold Response.   Not a Deep Null in most cases but a slight null  which means if there was a Gold Ring or Coin in Close Proximity, that desireable target could easily overcome that negative null and BE HEARD.    

So, with the Tarsacci and like most Motion Discrimination Detectors, you just want enough Discrimination to IGNORE rather than REJECT most of the Small Iron.   At a park it may require some playing around with different levels of MINUS #s to get it right.   At one Foster City Park, I usually don't need to go down to -30 because the Mineral is Moderate and Consistent... and -14 seems to be the magic target number at that particular park based on experience.  

At the Beach, where you can have 30 feet of Black Sand over Bedrock, I use -30 to +30.

When I was a younger man, if I went out with friends to socialize and depending on where we were drinking, that did factor into my Discriminating Tastes.   So, the More I Drank and What I Drank, did have an influence on my Discrimnating Eye.

So the Moral is, when it comes to Iron and Trash, give yourself just enough Discrimination to IGNORE rather than REJECT for best results.